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Custom Stain Work

Custom Stain Work

Whether you’re looking for custom stain work for your interior or exterior home or business, we offer custom stain work for all of your custom staining needs. We promise we’ll make your project look amazing.

Why hardwood floors or scraped hardwood floors?

The natural wood colors and trendy patterns found in natural hard wood floors and hand scraped hard wood floors create a comfortable and durable living environment.

Do hardwood floors and hand scraped hardwood floors provide a cleaner home environment?

Most certainly! Carpeting can attract and hold numerous allergenic spores, dust-mites, bacteria, fungi, animal dander and other unhealthy microbes. These disturbing “by-products” of carpet become airborne every time you vacuum.

How long do hand scraped wood flooring and flat hardwood floors last?

IF properly maintained, hardwood floors can last a lifetime. The average carpet needs to be replaced every 10 to 12 years. Some more frequent with heavy traffic or animals!